Our 2014 Doghouses!

These were our amazing dog houses, in no particular order — aren’t they fantastic?

Cardel Homes – a doghouse built for Sens fans! Plexiglass sides; Sen logos -this is one incredible doghouse! Complete with a stuffed dog in a Sens jersey!

hww 27

hww 31



DS Plumbing: artwork by Days End Studio, this doghouse has a working reservoir/pump with a spigot on the side so you can keep your pooch’s water bowl filled! (Bowl included!)


smyth rotated

hww 29

Evolution Iron (hand-forged iron dog crate, large, created by blacksmith Cory Walters)

Tasha's cage (2)

hww 47

DSCN0011Fourth Wall Interiors (canvas and wood teepee/inside use). The stakes were made of maple, and it came with a sheepskin rug. The successful bidder says her dog loves it!


fourth wall design

hww 60

Minto Homes (doghouse) – Minto built a scale model of one of their bungalows, this beauty weighed 1200 lbs! Made out of leftover materials, it even has a window!


Minto Phase 2 E

minto final 5

Modern Carpentry. Three season doghouse. The glass roof is made from a recycled patio door; walls of barnboard, floor stained with Antique Apple Red stain and the rest of the doghouse is lacquer stain. Lovely job by Matt Viau!

modern carpentry 4


hww 46

Jacob Morgan (recycled materials; insulated doghouse for outside use and  a rooftop herb garden!). Note that Jake burned in the words “Canine Cabin” on the side of the herb garden.

hww 41

jacob morgan doghouse 1


hww 32

Olive and Ella Interior Design (cedar shakes, asphalt shingles, planters, birch posts). A real charmer with flower boxes and cedar shakes!

olive and ella doghouse 2



hww 28

Ardington Design – a contemporary design just like the houses that architect Steve Ardington designs, complete with roof top garden and patio!

Peggy hww 2

hww 23

Ardington doghouse snip

Vala Home Improvements (repurposed TV console doghouse with custom upholstery by Cadieux Interiors). Richard Larocque cut dog bones out of the sides, and panelled the inside of the console with beadboard. The fabric has Scotty dog shapes on it.

vala home improvements


Historic Building Company – Snoopy Style Doghouse! (We were told we couldn’t use the Snoopy motif legally, so that was a quick name to change to … Biscuit?? Doesn’t matter what name you use, the successful bidder’s cat loves it!)


hww cathouse

Bespokegan built a small doghouse  out of 100 year old pine, classic barn design!


hww 49


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