About This Project

I’ve had this idea for some time that we should do a fundraiser where we get designer doghouses built and donated by local trades/contractors and then auction them off. I finally decided in 2014 that we should do this And so with the help of  my realtor pal, George Prazmowski, we started working out the logistics of how to go about this.

This kind of event started in the US under the name Barkitecture, but they’ve copyrighted that name so the first step was to find another name that hadn’t been used. I threw out a request for some brainstorming on Twitter and Facebook and got a list of great names:

Housebreak Hotel

Habitat for Hounds

Lifestyles of the Bitch and Famous

Homes for Hounds

Homes with Woofs!

“Help put a Woof over their heads” (I can see this as a tagline!)

For Your Paws Only

In the Doghouse

Noah’s Bark

House Sniffers

Bone and Garden

The Canine Condo

Furry Foundations

Fido’s Dream Home

Pooch Penthouses

Homes with Woofs! was the one that we chose. I think it’s great. Graphic designer Chloe Benoit hopped onboard and did our graphics. Brilliant! We had space at City Hall donated by Katherine Hobbs, the then Kitchissippi city councillor, for our event and we partnered up with the Ottawa Humane Society. We ended up with a dozen doghouses and several thousand dollars worth of donated goods for our silent auction. We raised over $ 10,000!

This year, 2016, I decided to bring Homes with Woofs back and do a fundraiser for Natalie Rowe and Gord Campbell, who run a rescue operation in Apple Hill. They have over 100 animals now, everything from a blind pony to a pot-bellied pig who was found in a frozen ditch with a frostbitten tail. It’s a wonderful, healing spot, and they plan to get it registered as a charity. But until they can do that and start fundraising for themselves, I thought Homes with Woofs would be a great opportunity to lend them a hand.

I’ll keep you posted on what we’re up to on the blog. And if you want to volunteer (build, paint, bake, or just hang out) let us know!  Spread the word! ~Peggy


4 Responses to About This Project

  1. Lauren says:

    I gotta say, this is an incredible idea! Absolutely incredible! It’s too bad that this is a local event. I would love to see something like this introduced in every province, or even nationally – with all proceeds going to each province’s animal charity of choice. The auction could evolve into an online auction, etc.

    Cannot get over how wonderful this idea is! Congratulations to you for the success of it!


  2. Glenda Campbell says:

    Natalie and Gordon, I hope the best for you!! This fundraiser is a great event, wish I could be there but Kansas is a bit far to travel. Hope it raises lots of $$ for the rescue animals you two have been so gracious to take in and love. They are the lucky ones!!


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