Beautiful auction items that AREN’T in our catalogue! #HomesWithWoofs

We’ve had a flurry of donations since we put our auction catalogue online, and more of our doghouses are being finished too. Here’s an update, and remember — if you see something you like, you can bid on it even if you aren’t able to come to our event on Saturday. Just email me at – we’re happy to take sealed bids and bid on your behalf at the fundraiser.

First, an amazing donation from Andrew King. Andrew is one of Ottawa’s best known artists. He was originally going to donate a print, but he couldn’t find the one he was looking for, so he donated this original work instead!

I’ve seen his paintings at over $ 2K in the gallery that exhibits his work, so this is an amazing donation! (I’ve already been contacted by  two bidders who can’t be with us, but are considering putting  in sealed bids – I think this live auction item will get a lot of interest! ) It’s acrylic on canvas; 25″ high x 31″ wide, framed, and signed on the back. Here are some photos of the front, back and details, and believe me, they don’t do it justice. This is a gorgeous work.


Our next lovely and unexpected donations were these handcrafted bird feeders, nesting box ,and mason bee box (for solitary bees, who nest in the holes) which were made by local artisan Michael Mazur. Beautifully detailed! A lovely gift for Father’s Day and  for all those other bird and bee-lovers!

michael mazur


We also received this handsome wine bottle opener. (I can’t call it a corkscrew because it doesn’t have a screw), but you know what I mean. It is courtesy of my colleague, Madat Kara, from Royal LePage Team Realty. He overheard a conversation I was having in the lunchroom and immediately offered to donate this gorgeous itme when he heard we had three wine-tasting tours in our catalogue. Comes in a wooden box – what a great Father’s Day gift! Valued at approximately $ 90.


Colette Ducharme, who has an alpaca farm near Bee Meadow, also dropped off an alpaca cat bed (I don’t have a picture, unfortunately, but I’ll bet that’s a cozy bed for a kitty!) And mortgage broker Robyn  Oliviero has donated $ 150 gift certificate to THE SHORE CLUB at the Westin Hotel. Very nice indeed!

And now – to our doghouses! Carpenter Luc Lavoie has almost finished building his  – he’s built a log cabin doghouse that will be chinked, just like the real deal. Made from barnwood from Bee Meadow farm, and inspired by the many log cabins around Apple Hill. Beautiful!

Log Cabin 2

Log Cabin 1

And last, but definitely not least, we have a finished doghouse from Dave Robertson (Robertson’s Fine Woodworking) who was inspired by a Quebec train station. Look at the wonderful detail on this doghouse. For the doglover who also loves trains (and I know there are a lot of you), this is a truly one of a kind item!

train station 1

train station 2

And here’s a link to our online catalogue! Once again, if you can’t make it and want to bid on something, let us know!



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2 Responses to Beautiful auction items that AREN’T in our catalogue! #HomesWithWoofs

  1. Beverley Cameron says:

    Hi Peggy, Looking forward to attending this event. I hope there will be a receptacle for cash donations. See you on Saturday. Beverley


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