A huge shout-out to our graphic designer and printers! #HomesWithWoofs

We couldn’t run Homes with Woofs without volunteers and donors – it’s a ton of work,  we have no budget to speak of, and it’s always amazing to see how many people are willing to help. But there are a couple of people this year that I want to give a special shout out to.

The first is our graphic designer, Chloe Benoit, who does all our graphics. She and I first sat down two years ago to talk about a logo for the  first Homes with Woof’s event. I had the idea of a little doghouse with a waggy tail: she made it happen.

super small logo HWWAnd since then,  she has been incredibly generous with her time, working on postcards, banner sign, posters, and our online catalogue. Her work is always beautifully done and she’s a pleasure to work with, one of the most patient, hardworking people you can imagine. If you need graphic design work, I cannot recommend her more highly. Check out her work on Facebook: you’ll see lots of it in the rest of this post as well!

Without donations from printers, those gorgeous, clever designs that Chloe has come up to help brand Homes With Woofs wouldn’t take shape. Vicky Assad at Colour by Design donated our thank you cards and envelopes this year (she did all our printing at the last event), and aren’t they great? (Needless to say,  they were designed by Chloe.)

banner sign 4

This year, Sinix Printing’s CEO, Hamed Zadeh, once again offered to do our banner sign (also designed by Chloe)  which was extremely generous of him!

Banner sign 1




But this time, he went even further — he offered to do postcards that we could hand out to visitors at the event at Bee Meadow Farm.

I had no idea how many to suggest, and Chloe did up two versions. Hamed’s response when I told him? He offered to print  250 of EACH. Amazing!

banner sign 2

banner sign 3

I had the pleasure of meeting Hamed in person today and I can tell you; that banner sign is simply stunning. He’ll  be my go-to sign person from now on. Here are his contact details — honestly, use him! Great service, big heart – how can you go wrong. To all of you,  Chloe, Vicky and Hamed, thanks so much!

Hamed Zadeh | Chief Executive Officer  |
Tel 613-248-9333 | Cell 613-862-4726 |
Ottawa Print Services | Sinix Printing Canada

21-2100 Thurston Drive | Ottawa ON | K1G 4K8
Ottawaprintservices.com | Sinixprintingcanada.com

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