Lovely hand-crafted donations! #HomeswithWoofs

Penny Bolton is a friend of Natalie Rowe’s (Natalie being the co-owner, with Gordon Campbell,  of the animal rescue operation we are fundraising for this year). And she’s been working her fingers to the bone coming up with crafty, creative donations!

Look at the gorgeous wooden dog leash holders she’s made — these are amazing!

HWW LeashHolders


She’s knitted some dog sweaters that we’ll put in the silent auction (no pics, unfortunately; they’ll enroute by mail). And she’s also crocheted some hen pot holders that we’ll be selling at our The Real Flea Market table, along with Natalie’s honey, beeswax candles and fresh farm eggs. Aren’t they great? Talk about talented!

chicken pot holders.jpg

Speaking of hens, another one of Natalie’s pals, Denise Gwinn, picked up this wool painting of Three French Hens by J. Harrison for the silent auction!

It’s 10″ x 14″ in custom made solid wood black frame. Made in Scotland  with Hebridean and Shetland wool. Here’s a Facebook link to the artist: Thanks, Denise!

Wool painting.jpg

And when it comes to wool, we have a wonderful donation of three (THREE!) felted cat beds hand-knit by Cheryl Henry of Russell, Ontario! What kitty wouldn’t want to curl up in one of these cozy beds? And talk about easy to maintain — they’re 100% wool. You just toss them in the wash and then in the dryer!


I  met Cheryl on Facebook thanks to another donor, Frank Van Boxtel — what a lovely donation from a stranger! (Although you’re not a stranger anymore, Cheryl! You’re part of the Bee Meadow Farm family !)


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