Fabulous donation! #CoverZ.us #HomesWithWoofs

I met Michelle Wietbrock, the owner of Coverz on Twitter, where I hang out a lot, and when she found out about Homes with Woofs, she immediately offered to donate some children’s bedding for our silent auction. Well, her box of items arrived today and I’m absolutely gob-smacked at her generosity. Seriously!

She sent four sets of beautiful children’s bedding (cuddle  blanket, fitted sheet, and pillow case) that is honestly so gorgeous I wish I had grandchildren. In fact, maybe I’ll bid on these  and stockpile them for client gifts for those clients of mine who do! Each set would cost  around $  200 CAD  by the time you figure out shipping. That’s an amazing donation!

Hww baby

She’s even included an extra large adult cuddle blanket that is 52″ x 80″ and so soft, it makes you want to find someone to snuggle with. All these items will be up for grabs at our silent auction!

HWW adult throw

Michelle is a mom of two and the designer-at-large for Coverz. As she became a parent and began her sewing hobby, she was often underwhelmed at the retail options for children’s room decor. These beautiful products  are the direct result of her decision to make up for that deficit, and aren’t we lucky?

Michelle  graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Political Science, where she found her passion for all things international, including a recognition that for all of us who do well, there are many people in the world with very little. She is a very generous benefactor and has helped to empower women in the Kopila Valley Women’s Centre, by donating to  Blink Now in Nepal. (You can read about that initiative here.)

Thanks, Michelle, for your incredible donation to Homes with Woofs, and do check out Michelle’s beautiful website; and follow her at @MyCoverz  on Twitter. Spread the word!


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