Another Fabulous Donation! #LindaNesrallah #HomesWithWoofs

Linda Nesrallah is a hobby photographer in Ottawa and has been for a few years now. The inspiration for her photography comes from the energy and vibrancy of everyday life. She says, “I love to search out the uniqueness in our tiny world and capture a point in time that we may never see again.” Her photographs are intriguing,  almost ethereal.

linda nesrallah 2


Linda contacted me on Twitter  before   our first event in 2014 to offer one of her beautiful photographs for our silent auction and it was snapped up right up away.  Isn’t that stunning?

I loved the grey and the orange — it was a friend of mine who bought it for her apartment and she loves it.





And this is the one she’s donated this year; it’s just as beautiful.



You could decorate an entire room around the colours in this gorgeous photograph! It’s printed on canvas with a wrapped edge meaning you don’t have to frame it. Absolutely beautiful (Linda has such a great eye)!

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Linda in person (along with her charming husband John, and their little pooch, Ginger) when I went to pick it up, and she was just as kind and generous in person; I really enjoyed meeting both of them, and Ginger is one of those adorable little creatures who loves to give kisses.

Linda has been kind enough to offer more prints for our future events. How nice is that? You can check out her entire gallery on Facebook (her portfolio is public; look for My Artworks)  or follow her on Twitter as @linda_nes. If you see something you like, buy it! Ginger has had some serious health issues and I’m sure Linda would appreciate it. Thanks, Linda! Hope to see you at the event on June 18th!

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