Great donation from The Works! #HomeswithWoofs

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro has been a  great supporter of Homes with Woofs, and they’ve come through for us again. Sean Rutherford, their senior business consultant, committed to donating some gift certificates and they were in my mailbox today.

Now this is a company that isn’t just efficient but has a great sense of humour.Sean’s corporate bio, for example, says :

As the oldest Burgerhead in age (not in attitude), Sean a.k.a. “Senior” has been in the restaurant biz for over 30 years.  His nickname is Top Bun, but he was not named after any food product (the urban legend is still circulating).  

The works Sean-R-final

(You have to agree that this looks like a very fun place to work.)

The works burger








We have a gift certificate for two gourmet Worksburgers and two 8 oz shakes at the Richmond Road location,  valued at around $ 40.00 plus taxes. Nice!  (That’s my hood, so expect a bidding war – their food is great!)

You just have to read the Burger Buzz to know how good. Even Mike Holmes thinks they make it right. So get over to The Works and treat yourself to a great burger! (They have an amazing tower of onion rings too.) You can bid on the meal at our silent auction June 18. Details in the sidebar. Thanks, Sean! We really appreciate it!

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