Another great donation! Wendy Blais, QB Collars #HomesWithWoofs

We have another fabulous donation! Wendy  Blais makes the most beautiful collars. She has named her business after her Afghan, Queen Bianca, who was discovered to be a hermaphrodite and required spaying and neutering.bianca1

Since this was supposed to be Wendy’s first show dog, the news was pretty devastating, but she decided to do something positive to take her mind off what had happened. The result was Queen Bianca, or QB, Collars.

Wendy  donated some of the most lovely collars imaginable to Homes with Woofs last time! She specializes in Martingale collars, which are humane choke collars.IMG_1007All of these are hand-sewn, and Wendy has over 500 materials on hand if you want to custom-order something specific. This year, she’ll be donating  a small, medium and large collar and leash set to our silent auction, so come on out and bid. And meanwhile, you can check out Wendy’s collars at her website. This, btw, is Wendy’s new pup. Isn’t Zowie adorable? (That face!)  Thanks, Wendy!


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