A day at Bee Meadow Farm!

The rescue operation Homes with Woofs is fundraising for this year is called Bee Meadow Farm. One of their rescue goats, Penny, had triplets three weeks ago so I went out to see them and also to take a big stuffed teddy bear out for their rescue pot-bellied pig, Henry, who used to live in an apartment and is quite depressed now about living the life of a pig.

Here are some of the shots of these baby goats– it was almost impossible for me to take pictures of them, as they kept bouncing up and chewing my hair or licking my nose or just jumping onto my lap. These are friendly curious, and very busy: their little tails wag like those of happy dogs.

Peggy goats 5


Peggy goats 6

Peggy goats 9

Peggy goats 7

Peggy goats 2

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2 Responses to A day at Bee Meadow Farm!

  1. Natalie says:

    Amazing to think they are just three weeks old, isn’t it?!


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