Some of the animals we are fundraising for!

Bee Meadow Farm in Apple Hill  is the rescue operation we are fundraising for this year (seriously, how quaint is that?). It’s more of a sanctuary than a typical rescue: they don’t accept dropped off animals but all roughly 100 animals they are caring for (with a few rare exceptions) are rescues from the Cornwall SPCA. Including a herd of goats that arrived malnourished and with worms, and (as it turns out) a few pregnancies.

Penny dropped triplets about two weeks ago. Here are the newborns!Penny and her kids 2

One almost died that first weekend when Penny wasn’t able to produce enough milk for all three, but thanks to Natalie and Gord and some volunteers who have helped them with bottle-feeding, all three have made it and are thriving. That’s Rosie below, with the heart on her knee. Isn’t she adorable?

goat shots


Like all toddlers, they are busy exploring their environment!

goats 2In fact, they are bouncing around like they have springs on their feet, and they particularly love jumping up on Mama! (Easy to miss that that’s a goat they’re piling on!)

Natalie 4

goats 3


This is an expensive operation to run. There are food bills, vet bills, medications to administer, and even a bale of hay costs a small fortune. But you can help!

We will be raffling off a  Valentine’s Day gift basket; if you can help by selling some tickets, or want to buy some, let me know!


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