A word from Natalie about Bee Meadow Farm

Bee Meadow Farm in Apple Hill is the rescue operation we are supporting with this year’s Homes with Woofs fundraiser. Here’s a word from Natalie Rowe, who runs this operation with her husband, Gord Campbell,  about what it is they do, and what they have in mind for the future. (I should mention that they are a little sleep-deprived these days: her rescue goat, Penny, dropped triplets two weeks ago, and the babies need constant bottle-feeding: be prepared for crazy cute baby goat pictures!)


So, in all the goat-baby madness, I have not had time to sit down and tell you that on Saturday, June 18th, Peggy Blair is holding her “Homes with Woofs” fundraiser at our farm, with all the proceeds going to help our collection of rescue animals. In addition, Gordon Scott and I are working on charitable status for our rescue endeavours so that eventually we can issue tax receipts. We would like to have an educational slant our charitable project, to complement our existing relationship with the Ontario SPCA Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Animal Centre in Cornwall.

Natalie 1


Natalie 3

Natalie 2

natalie 10

We don’t want to become an actual animal refuge, because we have a limit on the amount of animals we can care for here (coff, coff BABY GOATS coff, coff) and we’re almost at that limit, and we usually adopt our animals from the SD&G OSPCA in Cornwall; it’s not our goal to become a shelter, or to compete with the existing one for funds. Gordon and I both volunteer for the SD&G OSPCA, and will continue to do so for as long as they’ll have us.

natalie 6


natalie 5

So if you want to come out to the farm on Saturday, June 18th, there will be lots of fun things going on, including an auction of beautiful one-of-a-kind dog houses, some kitty items, and a silent auction, plus some food. I’m sure Henry the pig will be out and about, reminding everyone he is not actually a pig but a human being, and what is he doing with all these other pigs anyway?! (Peggy: Henry was raised in an apartment where he was litter-box trained and slept in a bed with his owners. He is a little depressed, living among pigs now. Jade fed him Cheerios on our last visit which helped coax him out of his shelter.)



As well, we’re renaming the farm “Bee Meadow Farm” and having a new farm sign made. Having one that says “Big Angus McDonald Family Farm” only confuses delivery people! That said, everyone around here will no doubt continue calling it Big Angus McDonald Farm until the end of time.

natalie 9

natalie 8

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6 Responses to A word from Natalie about Bee Meadow Farm

  1. jennjilks says:

    What a fun post!!!!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


  2. Claude says:

    Great presentation! I wish I could visit. But the photos are so lively! Maybe if you add a few videos, the only thing missing will be the smell! The spring at the Farm will be heavenly!


  3. Peggy Blair says:

    They will be hosting an Open House on June 18, as part of our fundraiser! Deets in the sidebar!


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