Homes with Woofs is back!

Back in June, 2014, a number local contractors and architects  designed and built the most amazing doghouses that we auctioned off at City Hall with almost $ 10,000 in proceeds going to the Ottawa Humane Society. Here are some photos from the Ottawa Citizen of their fantastic, generous, and mind-blowing  creations:

Well, now it’s 2016 and I’m bringing back Homes with Woofs but with a twist. I have friends who run a rescue farm operation in Apple Hill.  Gord Campbell and Natalie Rowe have around 100 abandoned animals that they’ve taken in from the SPCA in Cornwall, including potbellied pigs, goats, a donkey, a blind pony, 19 cats and all kinds of other creatures.

Here are some pictures I took at their place just before Christmas. This is Saul, their rescue donkey and Emmerson, the rescue cat who adores him.


And here’s Henry, a pig who used to sleep with his owners and is having a hard time adjusting to life with other pigs outside in the mud. ( I adore Henry: he’s a gentle, sweet creature who’s a little depressed right now. My daughter, Jade, is cheering him up with — what else? Cheerios.)


Instead of only auctioning off only designer doghouses this time, we’ll do some creative cat scratching posts and cat beds as well, and of course, our silent auction. It’s only been a day since I started reaching out , but  already Jacob Morgan, who built this gorgeous doghouse with the herb garden on top, for Homes with Woofs 2014, has  committed to doing something.

hww 41

So has Frank Van Boxtel, a local artist who donated a pet painting  gift certificate for our silent auction last time ! He did this commissioned portrait for me as a Christmas gift– that’s Jade with her beloved cat. Isn’t it gorgeous?



And Lana Burnley from Arbonne has offered to donate one of her always spectacular gift baskets. And that’s just the start!

No tax receipts this time, I’m afraid, unless we can find a way to partner up with the Cornwall SPCA (we are checking in to it), but if you want to build a doghouse or a cat bed or donate something to the silent auction, let me know!

I’m not sure of the exact date yet or the venue, but it will likely be in Alexandria in late spring or early summer. I’ll keep you posted. This event was a lot of fun last time, and I know this time it will be a blast!

UPDATES: The event will be Saturday June 18, 1-4 PM at Bee Meadow Farm: see side bar for directions. Super kid-friendly event; lots of friendly animals. $ 10 admission gets you a hot dog, drink, dessert and entry to the silent auction!

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