Our newest doghouse! (Vala Home Improvements)

Well, this was a doghouse that I was dying to see at completion. The project was undertaken by Richard Larocque of  Vala Home Improvements . He had tweeted a picture of a repurposed TV console  with a beagle sitting inside and I asked him if he’d do one for us. He said he would if we could find him one of the old consoles, but they’re as scarce as hen’s teeth. We contacted Habitat for Humanity Re/Store, Capital Junk, and Junk that Funk — our pals tweeted, put up requests on Facebook, and Kijiji and Used Ottawa and we  finally found Richard a console he could use.

And here’s what he and Cadieux Interiors have done with it! White wainscotting, doggy-patterned curtains, dogbone cut-outs for ventilation and light and a very comfy pet bed.   (You know what? I think my cat Phoebe would love this.) Seriously– how cute is that?

vala home improvements

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