Another Donor! (Bruno Gervais) #Homeswithwoofs

Bruno Gervais is an industrial engineer by training but he’s also an Ottawa artist. He makes the most amazing fractal works: here’s an example of one of his stunning prints.

Bruno fractal

Bruno sells his work through Susan Fisher’s business,,  among other places, and he’s quoted there as follows:

“My fractal prints are derived from the Mandelbrot Set of equations, the products of a mathematical formula that convinces the eye and mind that many of Nature’s apparent irregularities can be efficiently and beautifully modelled. I edit the formula to produce an optical illusion. On the computer they exist in a 3D space, but we view them in a 2D representation, and our eyes interpret the 3D space.”

Bruno the artistIt’s obvious that Bruno is fascinated with 3D space. He also makes jewellery using the new 3D printing technology, and has a created a whole series of unique earrings.

He’s donated this pair to Homes with Woofs for our silent auction.  (They’re supposed to be stronger than anything factory-made.) They’re really beautiful, and very unique.

bruno 3D earrings

Now, I confess that have no idea how 3D printing works (I have yet to use an app on my BB — talk about a late adopter) but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s pretty incredible. And aren’t these great? Talk about a conversation piece!

Here’s a link to a slideshow of some of Bruno’s printed earrings. They really are lovely.

Do check out Bruno’s new website (he’s the brain behind MeismoDesigns) and be sure to drop by our Homes with Woofs silent auction on June 12 at City Hall to bid on these beauties, valued at $ 50. Thanks, Bruno! And thanks, Susan, for making the introduction!

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