We’re in the Ottawa Citizen! #HomeswithWoofs

Well, this was sure fun today. I had Scout at the office for a photo shoot with the Ottawa Citizen. Just as we were ready to take pictures, he broke loose and raced up and down the hallways. It was hilarious: he’d run down one corridor as fast as he could, then turn and run in the other direction down another. Not even the offer of a treat was enough to make him stop. He was keen, I think, to meet everyone and not miss a second of his great adventure. (You’d think I kept him locked in the basement without any human contact. Silly dog.)

Here he is in front of the Snoopy doghouse donated by Historic Building Company; it’s on display in our Carling office. What a happy doggy smile!

Citizen article homes with woofs

The online story, as you can see, is up already (there’s even a short video of me and Scout) and the print version will be out on Saturday in the Homes Section. Thanks to the Ottawa Citizen and reporter Wendy Warburton for the story (and big tail wags to Pat McGrath, photographer, for his patience in getting the shot!).

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