Minto’s Doghouse – Phase 2 #HomeswithWoofs

Well, that Minto team has been hard at it — building a doghouse that looks like it can withstand just about anything. As Cecile McManus, EA to Minto’s CEO, describes:

Minto’s crew has been busy with ‘Phase 2’ of the dog house build for the Homes with Woofs! fundraiser for the Ottawa Humane Society. It was all hands on deck when the team gathered to continue working on their Doggy Dream House. The house is taking shape as they raise the roof and top off the structure! I’ve attached a few photos.

Here they are –it’s going to be beautiful! (George noted the R-10 insulation: this doghouse is better insulated than a lot of the homes we sell. Man, I think this doghouse is bigger than the playhouse I had as a kid. I tell you, Damon Bennett and our other celebrity judges are going to have fun judging this one!)

Minto-phase 2 AMinto Phase 2 B

Minto Phase 2 CMinto Phase 2 E

Here’s another shot of the team that’s working so hard to build a beautiful (dog)house and raise money for the Ottawa Humane Society. We can’t wait to meet them in person.

Minto 8From left to right, that’s Steven Gow, Adrian Woeldike, Brad Moore, Eric Quesnel, Pierre Bretin and Andrew Wagner.

Don’t forget: we’ll be live-auctioning off this gorgeous building on June 12th at City Hall (crew not included).


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4 Responses to Minto’s Doghouse – Phase 2 #HomeswithWoofs

  1. Carly says:

    I saw this one in person as they’re building it in a new home development not far from where I live. It’s going to be stunning!!!


  2. Monique Schryburt says:

    The guys worked really hard on this one. Great work for a great cause!


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