Homes with Woofs Raffle!

Some of the items that have been donated to us don’t lend themselves well to a silent auction but they’re great as part of a raffle basket. I spent today “topping” those up with some new purchases. I wrapped it in paw print cello wrap and put a paw print organza bow on top. What do you think?  IMG_0969raffle items

It certainly got Scout’s attention. He even called his pal Phoebe over to take a look.


The value of all these items is a little over $165.00; to the left is a list of what’s  included  (click to enlarge).  (I love the hanging pet organizer: it lets you store leashes and collars and toys and even has a photograph holder for a picture of your best pal.) The basket includes a very cool dog pillow donated by Even and Odd, a gorgeous collar and double-handed leash and some other items donated by  Wagz’n’Wear, a couple of doggy books donated by Simon and Schuster, and all kinds of great stuff.

If I can figurdog pillowe out where to get raffle tickets made up  (the type that lets you put down names and addresses ), we can start selling tickets in advance.

If not, then we’ll have to buy a roll of tickets to sell at the door and have the draw at the end of the live auction.  (Let me know if you want to buy some — or sell some for us !)

I think Scout would like me to buy a few since he doesn’t have any money of his own. He’s still sitting there patiently, waiting and hoping ….





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