Another donor! (Lana Burnley) #HomeswithWoofs

I know Lana Burnley well; she’s a friend of mine and a very classy  lady. Lana went through two bouts of breast cancer in a ten year period (I can’t even imagine) and after researching some of the toxic chemicals  found in her body (all carcinogenic), she started selling Arbonne products which, among other things, are paraben-free. She’s now an  Area Manager and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International and not only passionate about their products but also  about educating all of us to be careful about what we put on (and thereby, in) our bodies.

Lana 7I met Lana just after I started at Royal LePage; she really is one of my favourite people. Here’s a shot of Lana at her recent birthday party: I can’t think of anyone else who could pull off wearing a tiara and a sequined dress  but as well as being a caring and inspiring person, Lana is pretty fabulous!


Lana has very kindly offered to donate a spa basket to Homes with Woofs but as she says, the photographs don’t do it justice. Here is a picture of the basket before and after Lana has added her trademark touch:

lana 2

lana 1


Here’s some information about what is in the basket as well (click on the picture to enlarge it).

lana 4The items in this basket (excluding the basket and spa towels) are worth approximately $ 221 and you can bid on it at our silent auction on June 12th at City Hall. (And men, you should bid on this item too: the woman in your life will appreciate it!)

Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more about Arbonne products (or pursue opportunities with Arbonne), check out Lana’s website, You can reach her by  email at  or on her cell,   613-266-9020. She’ll be volunteering at Homes with Woofs as well on June 12 as well, so be sure to say “hi!”

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