A doghouse in progress! (Minto Homes) #HomeswithWoofs

One of our most enthusiastic doghouse-building teams involves the folks at Minto Homes who are putting together one very cool doghouse! From left to right, that’s Steven Gow, Adrian Woeldike, Brad Moore, Eric Quesnel, Pierre Bretin and Andrew Wagner.

Minto 8

Here are some photographs of their work-in-progress:

Minto 1 Minto 7

The Ottawa Humane Society has guidelines about the need to insulate a doghouse that will be used outside; I can already see that this one will be a contender in the “best built” category on that front alone!

Minto 2Minto 6

Love the French-mullioned windows! (And is that a front porch? Lucky dog!)

Minto 3Minto 5

Cecile McManus, the Executive Assistant to Minto’s CEO, says this doghouse could weigh around 1,000 lbs when finished. Lucky for us, it will be on wheels so we’ll be able to move it around at Homes with Woofs; the folks at Minto will help deliver it for us too. (And they’ll be displaying it in their sales centre once it’s completed; I’ll keep you posted.)

Great job, gentlemen — we can’t wait to see the next phase of the newest Minto development!  Stay tuned!


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