June 12- Homes with Woofs – vote and then come on over!

The Ontario provincial election has been announced; it will be held on June 12. Which of course is the same date as our Homes with Woofs event at City Hall. All of this has resulted in a flurry of calls and emails this morning to look at the pros and cons of rescheduling and whether we could even do it this late in the game.

The bottom line is that we have our venue (the Jean Pigott hall was booked months in advance); our celebrity doghouse judges are lined up; our liquor permit has been issued; we’ve lined up things with our volunteer event planning company, our bartenders etc.  We have June 12 on all our advertising and signs.

If we cancel now, we’ll lose money and we won’t be able to get those people again for months. (Even our cake artist, who is doing a sculpted cake for us, will be in the middle of wedding season; we had to book the cake in February to be sure we could get it).

A two week delay this time of year means people will be heading for the lake, given how terrible the weather has been lately.

We’re hoping Mayor Jim Watson, who’s one of our celebrity judges, will be able to come after all and that we won’t lose too many of our volunteers to election day activities, but we really don’t have a choice.

Cancelling June 12th as our date at this point would meaning cancelling the event altogether: we’re too far down the road to change the date this late in the game. What we will do, however, is tighten up the program so that we can get people out in lots of time to get the election results and we’ll open our doors a half hour early, at 4:30 instead of 5:00.

So the good news, I guess, is that the date of our Homes with Woofs event should be easy to remember — it’s the same date as the provincial election. We hope you’ll do your civic duty by voting and then drop by for a drink and some food (and to bid on some of our auction items) before you go  home to find out what happened. We’ll see if we can livestream election coverage that night. And maybe Homes with Woofs will turn out to be a great place to find out if your candidate is in the doghouse!

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