Another donor! (The Works) #HomeswithWoofs

We’re still looking for local bars and restaurants that are willing to do Yappy Hours for us in the weeks leading up to our June 12 event at City Hall. I sent around some emails yesterday. Scott Lewis, the CEO for The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro, was in touch with me right away, thought it was a great cause, and referred me to Sean Rutherford, their senior business consultant, who called me within a minute or two. Seriously impressive.

Now this is a company that isn’t just efficient but has a great sense of humour. Scott’s bio on The Works’ website, for example, (he’s described as “The Full Mountie”) reads as follows:

Scott is on a lifelong mission to “Save the World from Bad Burgers”.  Born in the home town of The Beatles, Scott spent much of his life trying to rid himself of his Scouse accent but can still be found saying the occasional “eh la”.  From the first bite, Scott instantly fell in love with how “Thunder-Bichin” the WORKS is and has a strange fetish for Die-Cut chips and Curry Mayo.  A results driven, people focused leader, Scott has worked for a number of large and small restaurant groups throughout his 25 years in the business.

A little known fact is that Scott’s 2nd nickname is “Griswald” with over 20,000 lights as part of his Christmas display. When not working the grill, Scott can be found rolling in agony on the Rugby pitch or watching endless re-runs of Star Wars.  He also enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife Debbie and his three teenagers…who occasionally still speak to him.

The Works Scott-Lewis-140-x-140-finalSean Rutherford, their Senior Business consultant, has a bio that includes this :

As the oldest Burgerhead in age (not in attitude), Sean a.k.a. “Senior” has been in the restaurant biz for over 30 years.  His nickname is Top Bun, but he was not named after any food product (the urban legend is still circulating).  

The works Sean-R-final



Sean didn’t think they could do a Yappy Hour but he made arrangements with Ben Slumkoski, the manager of the Westboro branch of The Works (his business card says “Crappy Hire”), to arrange a gift certificate. A few hours later, I had gift passes for four gourmet burgers and shakes  (roughly $ 100 worth ) in my hot little hands.  (This is Sean, by the way. You have to agree that this looks like a very fun place to work.)

The works burgerBut this is a business with a big heart as well as a big sense of humour. When I went over to pick up the gift certificates, it was running a promotion for Breast Cancer. Fifty cents of every elk burger they sell will go to this great cause.

You just have to read their website’s Burger Buzz to know how good their food is. (Even Mike Holmes thinks they make it right.) So get over to The Works and treat yourself to a great burger! (They have an amazing tower of onion rings too. One’s included in our silent auction package.) The works onion rings

You can bid on the package at our silent auction June 12. A big happy tail wag to Scott, Sean and Ben for all your help!

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