A new doghouse! (Ardington & Assoc.) #HomeswithWoofs

Ardington and Associates is an architectural design firm in Ottawa that does beautiful contemporary design work. And what’s even better (for us, at least) is that Steve Ardington has put together a team to build a doghouse for Homes with Woofs. Here’s the concept rendering: isn’t it fantastic?

Ardington doghouse snipAs Steve describes, “We chose to do a modern green roof suitable for flowers or a herb garden for those with limited space in their backyards. It will be built and tested by our dogs Molly and Kevin!”

I can’t wait to see a picture of Molly and Kevin’s reaction! And the idea of a rooftop garden is brilliant! It really does give you a sense of Ardington’s design esthetic, doesn’t it? It’s wonderful.

This talented firm does traditional, too, but with a modern twist — the photos below are from a recent project in Dunrobin. (Gorgeous.)

Ardington Traditional craftsman home in Dunrobinardington traditional 3

Ardington’s website is under construction, but you can check out more of their work on Facebook and give them a follow. And thanks again, Steve — can’t wait to see the completed doghouse –so very much appreciated!

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