Another donor! (FourthWall Interiors) #HomeswithWoofs

FourthWall Interiors is an interior decorating and home staging firm based in Ottawa, run  by husband and wife team Greg Wilson and Jessie Richards. They’re going to do a designer doghouse for Homes with Woofs and came up with a canvas and wood teepee style that is functional and playful in keeping with their love of all things rustic and the outdoors. I asked Jessie if they could give me a concept sketch for the blog and here it is: now isn’t this cool? (I love that they’ve drawn their dog, Kayah,  lying down inside).

fourth wall design

Kayah’s a  blue merle Australian Shepherd/ Border Collie mix. With all that shaggy fur, Kayah needs a shady place to relax during the summer and loves to rest under a canopy of grapevines. This doghouse would certainly meet that need on a hot summer day; it’s terrific!

Greg and Jessie’s doggie-tent creation will be a real conversation piece that could be set up inside or outside. It has elements of FourthWall Interiors design building blocks– wood, antlers, nature and colour. And given their business logo, it certainly fits with the theme in that sense too (note all the triangles).

fourth wall logoGreg and Jessie were inspired to get involved with Homes with Woofs because of Kayah,  who they adopted as an eighteen month old pup at New Beginnings Pet Rescue. As you can see from the picture below, Kayah accompanies them everywhere! At the time they brought her home, Kayah had loads of energy but she was born deaf and with limited vision in her left eye as a result of inbreeding. But that hasn’t slowed her down at all.

fourth wall KayaAlmost two years later, Kayah’s eyesight has improved through endless hours of playing fetch and she’s learned commands and tricks through use of hand signs. (She clearly pays very close to attention to what’s going on around her; love this shot!)

Kayah’s favourite tricks include playing dead and shaking paws. She loves her bed, stealing food off the counter, (don’t they all?) and is obsessed with her ‘Chuck-It ‘™ toy! Well, thanks, Kayah — if it wasn’t for you, we probably wouldn’t have this wonderful donation!

Greg and Jessie have a real passion for design so if you’re looking for that kind of help,  keep them in mind. After they put their own staged condo up for rent,  it was leased within 24 hours and suddenly they were being asked for their input on other people’s properties. Their passion for functional decor evolved into FourthWall Interiors. They now work full time designing and showcasing homes with their signature brand of everyday comfort and what they describe as “unintentional” style. They do beautiful work.

You can check out their website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,  and Twitter! Thanks Greg and Jessie, and big tail wags to Kayah!

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2 Responses to Another donor! (FourthWall Interiors) #HomeswithWoofs

  1. It’s not a Doggie tent, Peggy…. It’s a Pup Tent 🙂


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