Our first doghouse! (Evolution Iron) #homeswithwoofs

We are absolutely delighted to have pictures of our very first doghouse donation for Homes with Woofs! This  wonderful doghouse/crate comes via Evolution Iron in Winchester Springs. Katerina Ouchakova, who co-founded Evolution Iron with master blacksmith, Cory Walters,  was kind enough to contact me to offer the doghouse up for our auction when she heard about our event.Homes with Woofs tasha 2

Katerina and Cory’s first iron-working business was called Curves of Time but they have since renamed their operation Evolution Iron, to show the gradual evolution of their creative work. They  make all kinds of beautiful, hand-forged, unique iron creations and are the  only producer  in the Ottawa area of handcrafted ironworks.

They can design and make everything from garden trellises to fences and doors. If you can imagine it, they can make it, using a material that we think of as hard but which becomes pliable and yielding in the hands of a master craftsman like Cory.

This doghouse/dog crate  is brilliant, and the beautiful little pup resting inside in the far corner is little Tasha, who is now apparently too big to use this as a bed.

Tasha's cage (2)This gorgeous hand-forged creation (Tasha not included)  could be part of your indoor or outdoor décor. The workmanship is stunning. Believe me, the realtors in our office have been ooh-ing and aah-ing over this one all day.

You can check out Katerina and Cory’s  beautiful designs at their website, Evolution Iron. Katerina is also an interior designer and visual artist and some of her work is on display on that link as well. And be sure to read this Ottawa Citizen article that explains Katerina’s fascination with iron and blacksmithing.

You can bid on this beauty at our live auction on June 12 at City Hall and we’ll even deliver it! Thanks, Katerina and Cory– what a great donation to a wonderful cause; so very much appreciated!

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