Another donation (! #HomeswithWoofs

What I love about  this project is getting to meet so many great small business owners. And not all  of them are in Ottawa, either.

I met Janice,  who owns Wagz Wear in Newmarket, via Twitter.  We were ooh-ing and aaw-ing over the amazing sculpted cakes of Ronna Mogelon. Ronna is donating one to our silent auction and Janice immediately (and very kindly) offered to donate a leash and collar set as well.

Now these are not your ordinary leashes and collars. Janice (and Mocha, her doggy model) sell handcrafted, personalized, embroidered leashes and collars, as well as bandanas and drying cloths and all kinds of great stuff.

Here’s a few examples of the collars ($ 25, $30 if you add reflective tape) and the leashes (which range from $25-35),  and a picture of Mocha happily showing them off.

janice 2 janice 3 janice 4 janice mocha

Be sure to check out the website for Wagz Wear — the tagline is “Fetching Fashions for your Furry Friends.” And be sure to  follow them on Facebook! Thanks, Janice–very much appreciated!

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One Response to Another donation (! #HomeswithWoofs

  1. janice says:

    Mocha and I are happy to help out, even in a small way from a distance 🙂


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