#HomeswithWoofs cookies!

Once I decided to do this project, I ordered a dozen different dog breed cookie cutters online  from Off The Beaten Path in  the US, pretty much everything from a corgi to a German Shepherd. I’ve been baking up a storm since then, trying to figure out how to best use them. (They were only $1.25 each. Great buy.)

dog cookiesAfter much experimentation with icing and sprinkles  (and yes, that means baking and eating), I decided that simple sugar cookies (both chocolate and plain vanilla) were the best way to show off the beautiful details of these little cookie cutters. The only icing will be the red collars, in keeping with our red and black colour scheme.

Homes with woofs doghouse cookieschocolate cookies

The question then was what to do with all the cookies I didn’t eat — they won’t stay fresh until June 12 which is when we’ll have our event at City Hall.

Thanks to my good friend, Paula Wilson, I found out there were paw print cellophane bags at Pritchards Packaging. They gave us a discount, which was very much appreciated.  If you’ve never been there before, it’s a huge warehouse with every kind of packaging you can imagine. I can’t wait to go back and explore!  Just look at what they have in their cats and dogs section: it’s brilliant (click on the image to enlarge it)!

pritchard bagsColour by Design, our wonderful Royal LePage Team Realty print shop, has agreed to donate the printing we need for this venture.So I asked if they could do up some business cards, using Chloe Benoit’s brilliant logo and text design. Dan got to work on it right away (he was able to match the font that Chloe used on the “woof” tag in the logo). I had 500 business cards in my hot little hands in less than an hour. (CBD is fabulous; we’re so lucky to have them!)

One side of the business cards says Homes with Woofs! The other has our logo and our tagline, “Help us put a woof over their heads,” and the URL for  this blog.homes with woofs biz card

I’ve put each cookie in a cello-bag, stapled a card to the bag, and voila! Here’s the Scottie. Isn’t it cute?

Homes with Woofs cookies

I have about five dozen cookies all packaged up. I’m going to hand out some  at our Royal LePage office meeting next Tuesday to try to drum up more volunteers.(We usually have 60+ realtors turn up at our office meetings, and they are absolutely terrific when it comes to stuff like this: I’m sure we’ll get more help than we know what to do with.)

I’ve set aside a dozen cookies to drop off at the Ottawa Humane Society so the folks there can see what we’re up to. At the June event itself, thanks to Sandra Spence, also of Royal LePage (who has kindly offered to help out with baking), we hope to have enough of these cookies on hand to be able to give one to every person who shows up!

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