Another donation! (Sharon VanStarkenburg) #HomeswithWoofs

I’m a huge fan of Sharon Vanstarkenburg’s work.  The first time I saw one of her paintings, the image lingered with me for days. As she writes in her artist’s statement: “Often centering on a female figure, the subjects for my series evolve in a continuing
exploration of self with regards to childhood experiences, nostalgia, psychologyical states, ancestry, sex, gender and identity. ” Powerful stuff.

sharon vanstarkeburg3Maybe it’s because I’m an author  but Sharon’s art  is, for me,  like reading a multi-layered novel that keeps drawing you in —  evocative, provocative and completely unforgettable.  She says her work is based on personal and intimate experiences, but  agrees that once it’s presented to the public to think about, “it becomes fiction on which one can project and take away from.”

I totally agree, and needless to say, I’m  thrilled that she’s agreed to donate a piece to our fundraiser!

sharon vanstarkenburg(Here’s a picture of the artist in her studio.)

Sharon has very kindly offered to donate this beautiful and striking work  called Apis Regina Ortus. Sharon often works in mixed media, letting the tone of the subject suggest the materials.  This is a 12″x12″,  mixed media/oil on wood panel, valued at $650.  It’s so different from the other donations we’ve had so far, I think it will be a standout.

Apis Regina Ortus

If you can’t wait until June 12th for a shot at taking one of Sharon’s works home, then be sure to check out Sharon’s website! And thanks again, Sharon, for making this wonderful donation.

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