Another donor! (Susan Halls) #HomeswithWoofs

This best part of this project is getting to know the creative (and extremely generous) artists that are donating their work to Homes with Woofs. Susan Halls, who works and sculpts in ceramics, has quickly become one of my favourites.

I think this photograph of her shows the playfulness and humour I’ve come to enjoy in our interactions. She says it was taken on an extremely hot day in Hungary. (I love the fact that she’s not blow-drying her hair, but her sculpture!) susan halls

Born in England, Susan studied at the Medway College of Art and Design from 1984-1988 and was awarded a scholarship by the Royal College of Art in London. She graduated with distinction in 1990. After a residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada, she established her studio in London, exhibiting widely through the United Kingdom and Europe. Susan also became a visiting lecturer to many colleges and universities including the Royal College of Art, Central St. Martin’s, Manchester Art Shool, The Cardiff Institute and Bath School of Art. And her work is represented in the collections of The Sackler Foundation, Victoria and Albert Museum (London) and Stoke-on-Trent Museum. She now lives in Massachusetts with her husband, an art illustrator.

I contacted Susan when I saw that she’d done a workshop in Ottawa for the Ottawa Potters Guild and she was quick to respond, saying, “it’s really nice to actually do something that will help animals.” She’s donating a piece that’s currently on display in a Delaware gallery, valued at $ 950 USD, which makes it our biggest donation so far, and says it will be very similar to one of these little guys.

susan halls 2

On her website, Susan writes: “My obsession with animals and animal imagery has been more or less constant since my childhood so it is beyond doubt that they should be the dominant subject in my work…. In my sculpture I’m trying to create an image which traps a kind of animal truth. Dog, Horse, Bird, Pig, Sheep and Goat are recurring themes.”

Lucky for us, so is Rabbit. Thanks so much, Susan!  I wish you could be here to join us, but you can trust that your beautiful, insightful, totemic work will find a very good new home at our live auction.

To check out Susan’s work, her exhibitions, and her other workshops, be sure to visit her website.


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