Another donor! (Critter Jungle) #HomeswithWoofs

I live near Critter Jungle; I used to take my daughter there to see the animals when she was just a toddler (she’s in her twenties now), so this is a pet store with long ties to the community. I dropped by last night to pick up some pet food, and ended up having a chat with Kelvin Stanke about Homes with Woofs (he and his brother Jeff run the store). Here’s a picture of Jeff at work, introducing a couple of adorable little boys to an a pair of equally adorable rabbits:

critter jungle

Not only did Kelvin donate a $ 100 gift certificate to our silent auction, but he’s going to contact an architect friend about building a doghouse. Woohoo!

If you’re in the Westboro/Hampton Park area, and haven’t been to Critter Jungle, be sure to check it out. It’s in the Hampton Park mall at 1405 Carling.  As well as birds and reptiles and other small animals, they often have rescue cats for adoption. They have a huge selection of food (their nutritional experience with animals goes back over twenty years) and a warm and knowledgeable staff.

There’s usually a foster dog on the premises, and you never know what animal you’ll find being cuddled by a staff member (last night it was a long-eared rabbit who protested whenever it was put down. Also adorable!). Sometimes, you’ll find a chatty macaw perched on someone’s shoulder. This is a great store with a big heart. Thanks, Kelvin!

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