Leanne Cusack and #homeswithWoofs!

I spoke with Leanne Cusack yesterday, thanks to the good folks on Twitter who found her contact info for me. Leanne is a huge supporter of the Ottawa Humane Society (she told me she would “walk over glass for it.”) I explained we wanted to have a celebrity panel of judges judge our doghouse entries on the day of our event and award ribbons for “best in show,” “most creative,” “best use of recycled materials,” etc.

(Ribbonworks.ca is going to customize the ribbons for us). I was hoping Leanne could be one of our judges and if she’s available, she says she’d love to be involved (we should find out next week. But she also offered to have a couple of our doghouses on her CTV show and help us to promote the event, which is fantastic!

We are expecting good coverage from the Ottawa Citizen, and from CTV Morning as well, and I’m very happy that CB (Chris) Forrest has offered to handle communications for us (see sidebar). Chris is a former journalist and runs a communications consulting company in Ottawa, so I know we’re in good hands when it comes to getting the word out about our event.

If you would like to donate either a designer doghouse or something to our silent auction, let me know! (Katerina Ouchakova, the designer for Evolution Iron  in Winchester has just contacted me to say they’d like to donate a custom wrought iron doghouse; I can’t wait to see what blacksmith Cory Walters comes up with! More on this creative pair and their generous offer later.)

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