Another donation! (Christine’s Picture Perfect Pet Portraits)

What I love about doing this project is getting to work with so many extremely talented people. Christine Seyforth Larmand is an Ottawa (Orleans) artist who does portraits of pets, and she’s just donated one to the Homes with Woofs silent auction. It will be 8″ x 10″ single matte, valued at $ 150. Thanks so much Christine!

Here’s a picture of the artist at work!
auction - christine seymour

And here’s a sample of the kind of portrait you’ll end up with if you’re the successful bidder! (You provide Christine with a couple of clear photographs of your best friend, and she does the rest!)

auction - pet portrait

Christine studied art at the University of Guelph and has exhibited at several shows in Ontario. One of the largest was “The Chrysler Search for Canadian Wildlife Artists” in 1984, for the Hunting and Sporting Dog Show at the International Centre in Toronto. She won a Best of Show with the “Zebra” and a First Place in another category with the dog portrait “English Setter with Woodcock”. The following year she won a Second Place to the Best of Show with the “Doe and Fawn.”

Working on velour paper is Christine’s preferred medium and definitely the most unique and challenging. She says, “Velour paper does not allow for mistakes and pastels must be layered until the right colour and texture is achieved. Success is when the illusion of every hair of the fur looks individually drawn. I pride myself in creating animal portraits that breathe life with extreme realism. The correctness of anatomical form is extremely important to the accuracy of my finished composition.”

We can certainly see that from the finished portraits! Here’s a link to Christine’s website — be sure to check out her work. It’s gorgeous! ~ Peggy

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