Day Two – Anatomy of a Fundraiser!

George Prazmowski and  I met with Kelly Belair, events manager of the Ottawa Humane Society today; we had a great meeting to talk about our fundraiser! They can definitely put a designer doghouse on display at the Fur Ball (which has been pushed back to April 5)  so that will be our first promotion for Homes with Woofs!

The exciting news is that there is a “Barkstreet” event happening in early June  on Sparks Street Mall which is so close to our May 29 proposed date that it makes sense to tie the two events together. There will be all kinds of dog-related stuff going on, so that would be a perfect time for us to have our event and doghouses on display at City Hall for the silent auction. (John at Historic Building Co. is designing a little red doghouse with a Snoopy on top: how cute is that?) I’m thinking maybe we can also approach some local restaurant/bars to do a Yappy Hour (barktails?) to tie-in with our event and drive some traffic our way. Ideas?

We’re now thinking we can have the doghouses on display in different venues throughout the city (the Humane Society would like to display one, too) and then bring them back for our event, and have them judged by a panel of local celebrities. That will mean getting signage and some best-of-show type great big blue ribbons donated; if you folks know anyone, don’t be shy!

I’ve ordered about a dozen cookie cutters in the  shapes of various breeds of dogs/doghouses and will try to find volunteer bakers to make and decorate cookies, and doggie cupcakes, for our event. (Thank you, Sandra Spence at Royal LePage for volunteering to help. ) And I will be meeting with Chloe Benoit, our graphic design volunteer, on Wednesday to go over what we’re doing and get a logo prepared.

Speaking of logos, the Humane Society will also allow us to use their logo on our promotional materials once I fill out a registration form (I’ll get to it, I promise!) and if all goes well, we’ll be able to issue tax receipts to our donors!

And it looks like I found a TV console suitable to be converted into a doghouse thanks to another realtor in our office, John Bennett. Vala Home Improvements is going to repurpose and donate that one!

That’s about all I can think of now. We have a lot of logistical stuff to sort out — things like liquor licences and approaching local restaurants and clubs, and then getting items donated for the silent auction. If you can help with logistics or know someone who might be able to lend us a hand, please have them get in touch! Our contact info is in the sidebar! I’ll be adding names of volunteers and donors in the sidebar as this develops so keep an eye out! ~Peggy

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